Exterior Views

The building has undergone a facelift with new windows, doors, roof and cleaning and brick repairs. Most of the work on the exterior of the building is complete. With the addition of the awnings, the building once again is a proud landmark in Kent. There is an entry on the side of the building and a new entrance is completed at the rear of the building adjacent to the parking lot. A new canopy covering the ramp from the parking lot and the steps from the street provide protection from the elements. Surrounded by flower beds, this entry with its recessed lighting provides a pleasant transition into the building.

All windows in the building have been replaced. We also have installed additional windows on the river side of the building, opening up the views of the Riverwalk Park and the Cuyahoga River. Landscaping on the incline will include flowering shrubs and flowers. There will be a door from the lower level leading to the outside for tenants to walk right out to the city park along the river.